Yö Chapbook

Published by Artists' Association Yö, Yö Chapbook is a booklet series
of literature and publication-based visual art.

Yö Chapbook #2
Hanna Hyy: From a Spider's Nest



From a Spider’s Nest consists of new poems and drawings by painter Hanna Hyy. In the playfully depressed, topical poems, Hyy mirrors being a professional in the arts, struggles to do good deeds, and gets excited about spell casting. The independent drawings pace the publication with small still life topics, typical to Hyy’s artistic language. 

Hanna Hyy (b. 1990) is a visual artist best known for her representational, abundant paintings, exhibited recently in shows such as Nuoret2023 at Kunsthall Helsinki and the Mänttä Art Festival. Hyy is an MFA graduate from the Arts University Helsinki from 2019. Her work can be found in the State Art Deposit Collection of Finland, and she is a member of the Finnish Painters’ Union. Her work has been supported by multiple grants since her graduation, including those from The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Art Promotion Centre Finland and Paulo Fund Young Artist Grant. 

Oughta write an essay and not paint a painting 
I'm about to vanish onto the earth 

I'd shoot a deer and eat a fish 
I'd eat a chicken eggling 
I’ve got a limited amount of love 
there lives in me a bloody elf, terrified of dying

© Hanna Hyy
ig: @hyyhanna

Translation to English: Hanna Hyy, Matias Loikala, Spider
Graphic design: Henrik Pathirane
Yö Chapbook #2
Yö ry
Printed in Bofori, Helsinki
ISBN 978-952-65141-1-6
ISSN 2954-1263

Yö Chapbook #1
Hanna Råst: Geological Contemplations

Chapbook #1


Geological Contemplations is a bodily and durational journey to the
centre of the Earth. The booklet combining poems and archival images
scrutinizes the meaning of compost, change, travel, and arrival.  Here,
the Earth is sometimes a house, but also a body, memory, or perhaps an
image or projection which moves us and from which we are moved from.

Hanna Råst is a visual artist addressing themes of memory,
perishableness and trauma through sculpture, lens-based media, and text.
Archival and found materials function as a starting point for her works,
through which she scrutinizes how the past impacts the present and
future, and what kind of traces we leave behind us.

Thin roots, crackling, like hairs.

Fingernails turned black, dead flora of the earth,
our hands dirty, scrabbling the soil.

Anthriscus sylvestris, Galium palustre, Geranium sylvaticum, Humulus
Organism which doesn’t have beginning, nor end,
just cycles – and vast accumulated masses.

Yö ry, 2023, Helsinki

ISSN 2954-1263
ISBN 978-952-65141-0-9
Printed in Bofori, Helsinki