handle with care

handle with care
Yö Galleri Wed 18.10.23 at 16:30-18 (on going)

A long-lasting and partially participatory performance that explores the present and listening encounter through physical and non-physical touch. Can we find ways of caring and caring, gestures of acceptance that create bridges? What kind of culture of touching do we need to cultivate in order to have more empathetic encounters in today's world? Can we trust that we want to face each other with care and gentleness?

Silja Eriksson is an artist who mainly works in the field of performance art and performance, focusing on permanent and partially participatory works, lingering in time, space and encounters. In art, he is interested in the in-betweenness and interfaces of things, as well as the question of their existence at all, as well as gently shaping and interactive presence. Eriksson flags for softness, rest and slowing down and reaches out with his art towards a more empathetic world. Most recently, he has performed e.g. New Performance at the Turku biennale and the Exhibition Tent. He is a member of the Artists Association Yö and the Performing Arts Society.


IG: @silja.eriksson