Past events

1.9.2023 - 17.9.2023

Avajaiset 31.8. klo 18

Kaikkien värien kaaos, epälooginen mosaiikki, kuin musiikkia ilman järjestelmää. Kuitenkaan se ei ole riitasointuinen.

Väriä ei voi hallita, se levittäytyy omien sääntöjensä mukaan. Nyanssit syntyvät, ja ne katoavat ja syntyvät uudestaan. Väri on kosketeltavaa tunnetta ja laajeneva atmosfääri. Väri on määrittämätön tila, joka hajoaa runsauteensa.


1.9.2023 - 17.9.2023

Opening on 31.8. from 18:00

"I am fascinated when a space, thing or object is used in a different way than it was originally built or designed for. Like skateboarding or graffiti painting, for example, where urban space is seen through curious eyes. 

In music, a sampler was developed that allowed old songs to be cut, rearranged and played, even backwards. 

I consider myself a kind of human sampler when I work with my pieces. They include old works, for example, as well as found material, which I manipulate in the studio in various ways. 

It is fascinating to find a new meaning and life for discarded material or a failed idea. When I work, I try to be very intuitive and indulge in the act of making. I even consider working as a kind of spiritual exercise. Yet my works are very materialistic, because we are firmly attached to the material world, whether we like it or not. And these materials often contain a lot of emotions, memories and thoughts that we use to try to understand and articulate this chaotic world."

Tuomas Holst. 1978.
Master of Fine Arts.
Lives and works in Helsinki.
IG: samout_tsloh


17.8.2023 - 27.8.2023

Starlings, Tragedies. Group Exhibition of Poetry
August 17–27, 2023
Vernissage on Wednesday, August 16, from 5 pm to 7 pm

Artists: Lauri Hei, L. V. Maa, Unne Nirhamo, Henrik Pathirane & Verna Joki, Kaija Rantakari, Hanna Syrjämäki



Yö Kekri Vol.2 Open Call

Apply to be a part of Yö Kekri vol.2 Art celebration! Application is open until September 10th 2023.

Yö Kekri Vol.2 is an multi-art festival organized at Yö Galleria, in the center of Helsinki from October 2th to October 29th, 2023. The event brings together different fields of art from visual arts and music to live poetry and from dance to performance art. The theme of Kekri Vol.2 is "Carnival". As a cross-cultural phenomenon carnival is a festival of anarchy, laughter and transgression, a temporary release from social obligations and hierarchies.

Artists can approach the theme as they wish.

Yö kekri Vol.2 program is selected from Open Call applications from Yö ry's membership. Applying to be part of the Yö Kekri Vol.2 art festival requires a paid membership fee for 2023.


3.8.2023 - 13.8.2023

Shall we sleep on this?
Opening 03.08.2023 at 17-21. 

Shall we sleep on this? is a durational exhibition that evolves as time passes. The exhibition depicts moments when a consensus fails to be reached and tackles the psychological landscape when the line 'Shall we sleep on this?' enters such a scene. 



Auri Antinranta's solo concert 12.7. as a part of Yö Illat-events

1.7.2023 - 2.7.2023

Performance artists from Chicago embark on a short European tour organized by Defibrillator Gallery. The venues are vastly different. Starting in a historic drawing society in Dordrecht, Netherlands, and ending in a brewery-turned-art-community in Pärnu, Estonia, Helsinki falls in between. ROVING aims to invigorate international performance art relations that were hampered by the pandemic. Building and maintaining international connections is essential to the ecosystem of performance art and ROVING is DFBRL8R’s way of contribution to the medium.


Reflections is a series of concerts focusing on repetition and difference in improvised music. Topias Tiheäsalo (guitar), Teemu Mustonen (drums) and Matti Luokkanen (saxophones and clarinet) start the series.




TUNNEL - an interactive performance
Soyoung Christina Chung

"Tunnel" is an interactive* performance demonstrating a neutral and subtle state of relationship which is engaging between two persons.


20.5.2023 - 1.6.2023

Passé composé

Opening 19.5. Klo 18-21 

Curator: Mikael Gangster-Lehtinen

Artists: Harri Ahvenainen, Joonas Eränen, Carine Fabritius, Svante Knuus, Johannes Länsiö, Henrik Pathirane, Ilkka Pitkänen, Aleksi Salminen, Helena Sorvali.

Group exhibition Passé composé, curated by Mikael Gangster-Lehtinen, presents works by nine artists. The exhibition's overarching theme is the face, and the artists are given the opportunity to approach the theme from a variety of perspectives.