Shall we sleep on this?

Shall we sleep on this? is a durational exhibition that evolves as time passes. The exhibition depicts moments when a consensus fails to be reached and tackles the psychological landscape when the line 'Shall we sleep on this?' enters such a scene. 

In Shall we sleep on this?, the curator and artist Chih-Tung Lin invites visual artists Amanda Lono, Minjee Hwang Kim and artist-curator Noora Lehtovuori to reflect on the topic with their own twist, create new works or re-emagine existing works in the new context of the exhibition.

The exhibition also wishes to bring the act of artist-at-work to a visible level. With an emphasis on unreadiness, hesitation, and anti-deadlines, the exhibition gently drags the audience and its surroundings to either an alternative today or an identical tomorrow as the artists prepare the installation of their works to their preference during the exhibition frame.

Amanda Lono's work is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and Noora Lehtovuori's work is sponsored by Lankava Ltd.

Amanda Lono
Minjee Hwhang Kim
Noora Lehtovuori

Chih Tung Lin