Yö 2 years!

Artists' Association Yö celebrates two years of existence with music, poetry and performance! Come and meet the artists who are members of the association!

Also on display is the Yö Kekri group exhibition. Picture is from "Come to the light" by Iikka Lehtinen.

Supported by the city of Helsinki

Live-streaming link: https://youtu.be/LSO6MCyHd9Q

29.10.2022 18-22

Ashes after an encounter
Anton Wiraeus

Silja Eriksson & Elsa Tölli

Katja Luhtala

Kantele guitar
Cesar Aguilar Alcedo

Bobby Oroza


Ashes after an encounter

Anton Wiraeus works with different mediums, often with an interest in city space/public space and to rearrange it in an humoristical and anarchist way. One of the artist's longer public projects is the trailer sauna Artsauna that has becoming a meeting point and a cultural art scene based in Stockholm. www.instagram.com/artsauna


A performance by two performers in the present moment, being in its different forms. What could being and essence in the present moment mean and how to define them from a space of constant change? How does one's own being change, take shape and constantly reorganise itself, creating space on different terrains?

Silja Eriksson is an artist working mainly in the field of performance art and performance, focusing on durational and sometimes participatory works in which the concepts of space and time play a meaningful role. In his art he is interested in the themes of gentleness and softness, and in the in-betweenness of things: the relationship between art and everyday life, the relationship between man and his environment and the people around him. www.siljaeriksson.com www.instagram.com/silja.eriksson

Elsa Tölli is a performer, artist and poet, inspired by breathing together, by the glamour of the frenetic and the adrenaline of the stage. Tölli has made poetry videos and performances for various art festivals, performed as a lavaruno poet and co-founded the Lavaruno Academy, which combines community learning and cultural distraction. www.elsatolli.com


Etudes on happiness, misfortune and the temporality of life.

Katja Luhtala, Välke, is a Helsinki-based singer-songwriter and performing artist who combines music, poetry and various sonic elements in her works. -My works are journeys into feelings I've experienced, of situations I've lived or imagined and my perceptions of the world. They resonate with the wonder and horror of the mystery of life, with defiance and the wistfulness of time.

Cesar Aguilar Alcedo

The 26-string Alcedo Guitar played of Cesar Aguilar Alcedo! Welcome to an atmospheric space to listen to the concert and take a relaxed journey through a soundscape full of acoustic and spatial sounds.

Bobby Oroza

Bobby Oroza is a Finnish soul artist. His career and world conquest began with the gem of Finnish retro soul, This Love. The song hit hard in the West Coast soul circles of the United States and found its way into a sample by world-class hip hop artist Earl Sweatshirt called Hat Trick / Human Error. In 2018, Bobby Oroza signed a four-album record deal with the renowned Brooklyn-based Big Crown Records, which led to the release of his debut album "This Love" in May 2019. The huge success has taken Bobby and his band around the world at such a pace that the Finnish audience has been almost left behind.

The new album "Get On The Otherside" was born during the corona pandemic, which, like many other musicians, was not easy for Oroza. The lyrics largely revolve around the more complex intricacies of life as experienced by Oroza, such as introspection.