Yö Fest vol. 3.2

Yö Fest vol 3.2 group exhibition “Post pop scriptum” 17.-26.3.2023

Antti Annanpalo, Ritva Harle, Sunna Kangas, Petri Keckman, Mikko Martikainen, Mira Mink, Mia Makela, Tanja Nyo, Atte Sakari Penttinen, Otto Santala, Kati Silo, Reima Tuovinen, Sanna Ulvila, Inari Virmakoski

Opening on Thursday 16.3. at 18-21 with two performances:
A poetry reading by Mira Mink with bass player Jaakko Ruusulampi.
CANCELLED: A performance by Inari Virmakoski and Ritva Harle at Hietalahti market square 18:00-18:20.


Yö Fest is the annual multidisciplinary art festival of Artists’ Association Yö. 3.3.-14.5.2023 Yö Fest vol. 3 will present four group exhibitions, a series of events focusing on the performing arts.

All exhibitions and events are free of charge.
The event is supported by the City of Helsinki.