Yö Fest vol. 4 Interlude

Yö Fest vol. 4 interlude

9.4. 4pm - 9pm Ipe Heinonen: Fragile - participatory performance

10.-13.4.2024. Anu Miettinen: Circulation Kiertokulku II - installation and forest-themed conversations


The forest as art! Circulation II
Welcome to the pop-up exhibition organized by Anu Miettinen at Yö Galleria with a discussion series!

Program, no need for pre-registration.

More detailed program information is available on Facebook, Instagram, and Yö Galleria's website. The program is currently being updated.
You can write forest-themed book tips in your notebook! And also write your thoughts about the forest and trees.

Wed April 10, 16 - 21 
16:00 Can we see the forest for the trees? Annette Arlander talks about her Miettii mäntyjen kanssa- project and shows two examples of her video works with the pines of Örö.
16:30, Maija Saksman performs in a performance with her songs and video recordings *
17-18, Anu Miettinen talks about the work Circulation Kiertokulku and, in addition, discusses trees, the forest, and the surrounding nature.
18:00 opening speech and opening ceremony
19:00, Anu Miettinen talks about her work

*Maija Saksman: Forests protect us. Let's protect our forests.
Local nature shapes human nature. Nearby, nearby forest, free access with the right of every living being.
Our daily bread is the forest nearby in our everyday lives.
Will we find and see again, close to and simultaneously at the roots of the Finnish forest soul? Especially in cities, where the rippling of the nearby forest has begun to be protected and defended. Recently, more and more people have started to understand forests and the surrounding nature as our urban garden, as unique models of well-being, equality and cosiness in Finnish cities.
Forests in general, such as the importance of nearby forests and the cradle and manageability of the forest. And just as more broadly, the tuonenlehto of clear-cuts and the canopy of nature are also the subjects of my songs, which I will perform at the opening of Yö Galleria on April 10, 2024, at the beginning of the opening.
The songs progress a lot communally as a shift song. Sing along!
Visual recordings, especially from Matokalli.

Thu April 11, 12-19
13-15 Workshop: Discuss the forest and trees; what reading tips do you have?

Fri April 12,  12-19
14-17 How to make the forest and forest relationship as art. Forest art activism. The discussion includes, for example, visual artist Kaisa Salmi, who talks about her work Kohtaamisten metsä, and aesthetics professor Arto Haapala.

Sat April 13,  12-19
14-17 How to make the forest and forest relationship as art. Forest art activism. Anu Miettinen presents what works have been made in Finland and worldwide.

CIRCULATION II, a pop-up exhibition
with a discussion series
Anu Miettinen
10.4 – 13.4.2024
Yö Galleria, Helsinki

Circulation is a touchable and conceptual place-bound work about climate change, forests and Finnish forest culture. The location of the environmental artwork is Finnmörk in the Heidmörk nature reserve in Iceland and online.

The Circulation installation presented in the exhibition consists of Metsätarina videos, a colour wall implemented on the spot, text collection works, documentation photographs in their frames, and various objects. In the discussion series, we present and think about how to make the forest or the relationship with the forest as art.

In Anu Miettinen's own words:

My artistic crystallization of art, democracy and the concern of climate change comes to the fore in my work Circulation, which I started in 2019 and presented to viewers in different ways: on location in Iceland, online or in exhibitions. My work combines place-bound concrete and conceptual art, an art combo I am increasingly interested in. I am interested in different concepts of space, experiencing and exploring space; I have dealt with these through traditional and new art forms. Nowadays, I want to build exhibitions as installations with different elements. I am interested in the diversity of presenting and experiencing art; and about community, how the community is part of the work or how art talks to the community.

In Metsätarina video interviews, people talk about their relationship with the forest. How does the forest affect their lives, and what are their future dreams for trees and the forest? How do they think the impact of the climate can be seen in the woods? Collecting the stories started in the summer of 2021 in Iceland, and the goal is to film new Forest Stories as a series of video works every year as part of Circulation and its expansion.

About the artist
Anu Miettinen (born 1975), a visual artist from Helsinki and Kemiönsaari, graduated from Vapaa Taidekoulu in 1998,  from Lahti Art Institute in 2013, Turku Master School 2024. Her primary means of expression are photography, video, environmental art, installations and painting. It is characteristic of her to work on works for many years and interacting with people.







Yö Fest vol. 4  is a free art festival in the heart of Helsinki running for two and a half months. The yearly multidisciplinary art festival by Artists' Association Yö enriches and enlivens the capital's culture. Yö Fest vol. 4 offers a wide selection of art from a diversity of disciplines and artists.


The event is supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and the City of Helsinki.