Yö Fest vol. 4.1 - Standing frequencies

Yö Fest vol. 4.1
”Standing frequencies”

Opening: 29.2.2024, 18.00-21.00

Opening programme: Ida Nisonen's performance Needle and Thread, 19.30-20.00

Artist featured: Anne-Mari Alrsumi, Krista Blomqvist, Mirka Keini, Pauliina Korpi, Minja Laakso, Ines Masanti, Satu Metsola, Marianne Monto, Jukka-Pekka Niemi, Anu Nirkko, Isabel Pathirane, Marja Rosenberg, Tiio Suorsa, Barbara Tieaho.


Yö Fest vol. 4  is a free art festival in the heart of Helsinki running for two and a half months. The yearly multidisciplinary art festival by Artists' Association Yö enriches and enlivens the capital's culture. Yö Fest vol. 4 offers a wide selection of art from a diversity of disciplines and artists.