Yö Kekri: Avohaave

Avohaave is a work-in-progress performance that takes inspiration from dreaming.


Thursday 20.10. 5pm & 7pm
Friday 21.10. 5pm

Duration approximately 30 min.

The performance is based on curiosity about how our boundless childhood dreams appear to us as adults and how we relate to our accumulated dreams. How do our wishes change over time and what do they look like when they come true?

The working group is composed of professionals from different art fields who have gathered together with a common dream. In the current situation in the world, dreaming feels like a radical and desperately needed step towards hope.

Working group:
Julia Gauffin, director, performer
Veera Lamberg, choreographer, performer
Mia Kivinen, lighting designer
Kalle Ahonen, scenographer, costume designer
Janne Masalin, sound designer
Inari Pesonen, producer

Performances are supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the City of Helsinki.