Yö Kekri: FixC presents experimental film and video art

18:00 onwards

A group of FixC cooperative member artists present a series of experimental film and video art in collaboration with the Artists' Association Yö.

More information about the cooperative and its activities: www.fixc.fi

Duration approx. 1h. members of the cooperative will be present to talk about the works.
Picture: Juha van Ingen – Hello Everybody


Jarkko Räsänen

Marche Funèbre 2013, 06:31

Moths flew into my studio following the light of a video projector in the Wiepersdorf countryside. They were eaten by spiders. As I was cleaning the floor and throwing the corpses out, I noticed one start to move on its own against the wind. When I looked down, I saw an ant carrying the body of a moth back to the lawn at the edge of the woods, whence it had come. The soundtrack consists of local soundscapes, such as birdsong and the footsteps of a colony of ants on dry leaves, accompanied by piano notes?

Supertelevision 2022, 02:51

Supertelevision is an AI-animated dreamlike journey from the depths of the TV screen to the end credits.

Jarkko Räsänen is a multimedia artist focusing on photography, moving image and sound art. He has been making video works since 2005, initially documenting performative events. Since then, he has moved into computer-based and algorithmic visuals, performing as a live-vj with software he has created himself. Räsänen is a member of the moving image cooperative FixC. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, mainly in Finland and Germany, such as the International Teletext Art Festival goes Ars Electronica, Anthology Archives in New York, Papay Gyro Festival in Hong Kong and Orkney, and Fundacio Joan Miro, Mallorca.

Seppo Renvall

When we part in 2022, 11:30

The composition is based on the poem Erotessa by Eino Leino and is a composition by Kimmo Kuitusen based on this poem , part of the contemporary music film series Part 1.

Black 2011, 02:47

A catalogue tuned to the song by Maija Saksman

Seppo Renvall's production belongs to the top of Finnish experimental moving image. Renvall makes films and videos, but his output also includes photography, installations and happenings. His films are typically abstract and black and white, with a broken narrative structure that focuses on everyday phenomena. Renvall collaborates with musicians, DJs and audio specialists. His works and performances have been shown in the most prestigious arenas of experimental film and visual art, from New York's Anthology Film Archive to the Venice and Sao Paulo Biennales.

Juha van Ingen

Hello Everybody 2017, 8:14

Greetings from near and far, from us to you. Welcome to everyone across distances and across time. You are welcome! Although greeting is very culture and situation specific, it is used in all known human cultures. The greetings that make up the narrative of Hello Everybody take our familiar ritual one step further.

Hello Everybody is based on the greetings recorded on the recordings sent into space with the Voyager 1 & 2 probes. The recordings are intended for all extraterrestrial life, or perhaps for future humans who may find it.

Juha van Ingen (b. 1963) works in various media, mainly video. Van Ingen has participated in international exhibitions, film screenings and festivals since 1988. His best known work is AS Long As Possible, ASLAP -1000 years long GIF animation loop.

Kari Yli-Annala

Avenue M 2015, 2:55

Kari Yli-Annala is a visual artist, moving image researcher and teacher. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1996, and has completed postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Art and Design (now Aalto University). He has been working with moving image since the early 1990s. Yli-Annala's works explore time, space and movement, combining narrative techniques and non-narrative structures. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and festivals in Finland and abroad. He is the founder of the pedagogical Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts project and the artistic director of the AAVE - Alternative AudioVisual Event festival.

Seppo Renvall, Juha van Ingen and Jarkko Räsänen


"Made in Hong Kong was born during our visit to Papay Gyro Art Festival Kong Kong Kong in 2015. The film tells the story of our experiences in Hong Kong and on Cheung Chau Island."

Erkka Nissinen

Vantaa 2008, 11:50

A musical journey. Arnold Schoenberg is looking for his yoghurt, and Karlheinz Stockhausen might have something to do with it.

Erkka Nissinen studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2001. Nissinen's work has been shown internationally in museums and galleries, including the Ellen de Bruijne Project Space and Smart Projects Space in Amsterdam, the Kluuvi Gallery at the Helsinki City Art Museum and the 1646 exhibition space in The Hague. Nissinen won the prestigious Illy Prize.