Yö Kekri group exhibition

Yö Kekri group exhibition fills Yö Galleria with artworks of Artists' Association Yö's member artists for a week.

OPENING PARTY 24.10. 17-21 

Yö Kekri group exhibition

Yö Galleria
Lönnrotinkatu 33

Tue-Fri 14-19
Sat-Sun 12-17


Jussi Meuronen: Extacy



Anastasia Artemeva (b.1989) is an artist based in Helsinki. She creates sculptural, spatial installations in art and non/art spaces, often together with or based on communication with people of different walks of life. The effects of institutionalization, particularly incarceration, are the subject of her research. Her practice is focused on spaces and rituals: how people survive, live, and make themselves at home in the most challenging and isolated environments. She is currently interested in multidisciplinarity and the array of identities in the mundane practices of motherhood.


Sunna Kangas (born 1974 in Helsinki) is conceptual artist, textile artist and Master of Arts. Humanity, environment in ecological point of view and resisting violence are the main themes of her art. Her art expressing feelings, ethos and critical examination of time. The work of arts are created as an experimental processes. Sunna Kangas is Master of Arts from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki Finland and Bachelor of Arts, the Institute of Art and Design, Vantaa Finland. She has participated in many group exhibitions in sixteen countries. She has had nine personal exhibitions up to date and her works belong to private and public collections. She has taken part in artist groups and organised international group exhibitions and workshops. She has made permanent public art works and she has received art grants. Sunna Kangas is a member of Finnish Artists’ Association (MUU) since 2005, the Helsinki Artists' Association (HTS) since 2004 and Artists’ Association Yö since 2021. She is also a founding member of the Finnish Association of New Textile Art (UUTE) and Artists O - a society of artists.


Pauliina Korpi is a graduate in fine arts and clothing and I have recently become interested in textile art. "I am intuitively experimenting with different materials and independently learned weaving techniques. In my recent work I have used recycled clothes and different dyed fabrics, among other things. By working with found textiles and textiles I have modified/used myself, I want to explore what kind of images and insights the process can lead me to.


Saara Lakso is a Helsinki based visual artist with Karelian roots. Lakso is a 2015 graduate of Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts. She is a painter and a comic artist, who also works with installations and textile art. The subjects of her work combine Karelian folklore, queer themes and horror culture. In Lakso’s art, the ordinary experiences of growing pains and multigenerational trauma are often touched by the supernatural. Magic seeps from the netherworld to the world of the living, opening the gates for strange and beautiful creatures.


Artist Iikka Lehtinen.


Lähteenmäki-Hein makes colourful, multi-layered and expressive paintings, and with each technique and choice of subject matter, she aims to provide a surface for conveying emotions and experiencing the story of the works. Lähteenmäki-Hein draws her subjects from moods, thoughts and tones from the world around and within her. 


Jussi Meuronen (b. 1982, Hämeenlinna, Finland) lives and works in Helsinki. He studied at Taidekoulu MAA and graduated as a Master of the Arts from Uniarts Helsinki in 2016. He has been active as a visual artist since 2011. His work deals with topics surrounding humanity: its dark side, constant changes, loneliness and the brevity of life itself. The daily influx of information and stimuli inspire him and the visual observations derived from them make their way into his work. In his paintings Jussi Meuronen uses various techniques and materials with collage painting, a mixture of both analogue and digital, being the core medium.


Jukka-Pekka Niemi is a self-taught painter from Helsinki. "I paint abstract soundscapes driven by emotions."


Jussi Pyky (b. 1985 in Tyrnävä, lives and works in Helsinki) graduated from the Lahti Institute of fine Arts in 2009 and from the Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree in fine arts in 2016. He has actively participated in group exhibitions and held numerous solo exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2009. He has works in Seppo Fräntis art collection in Kiasma and in numerous private collections. In his black-and-white drawings, Pyky uses still images captured from documentaries and movies as well as images he finds in books and internet image archives. Sometimes he draws a picture without a model based on an idea that seems feasible.


Henriikka Pöllänen is an artist working in painting and sculpture. She works mainly in glass and has focused on making it in a variety of techniques.  Henriikka's works explore the imaging of the mind and physical space, which at times takes on surreal dimensions. The works depict different layers of the mind, where the boundary between reality and the imaginary world becomes blurred. The works deal with the temporality and meaning of the world around us and the phenomena of the present moment and the structures they create. 

Her works have been exhibited in Finland at Lahti's Gallery Uusi Kipinä in 2017, at the Finnish Museum of Glass in 2019, at the Pispala Contemporary Art Centre in 2020, and at Galleria Rajatila in 2021. As well as in group exhibitions at European Glass Context 2016 in Denmark, The Glass Factory in Sweden 2017, Venice Glass Week in Italy 2018, Ebeltoft Glass Museum in Denmark 2018, Bulgarian Glass Biennale 2019, European Museum of Modern Glass, Germany 2020, Kamenický Šenov Glass Museum in the Czech Republic and Glass Museum of Charleroi, Belgium 2022.


Evgeniia Utochkina’s artistic path started in 2014. She focused on contemporary art and began to express feelings and emotions on canvas. It did not happen at once; it was a long way of understanding and searching for her unique style in art which is continuing for now on. Simplicity and balance, power of nature, darkness and silence are inspiration for the artist. By abstract artworks, Evgeniia encourages the viewer to only trust their feelings.




Pauliina Waris is a painter graduated from Free Art School and at the present finishing studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. "My work often starts from an everyday observation, which I roll in my hands and watch it change into something else. I try to catch the moments when meanings emerge in the process of painting and perceiving, but those moments seem to always escape from me in a tricky manner. I search for relationships between things, touches and sensations."