From June 2021, Artists' Association Yö will implement a hybrid art workshop project, which is funded by the Uusimaa Federation (Uudenmaan liitto). The project will end in December 2022.

The project will design, pilot and launch a new type of hybrid art workshop model. Hybrid workshops are both online and local workshops. In the planning phase of the hybrid workshops, a series of seminars will be carried out. The seminars will be summarized in the Guidelines for Hybrid Art Workshops for communal use in the cultural sector.

In the pilot phase, the member artists of the project implementer Artists’ Association Yö will organize a series of hybrid workshops. The project will also launch a moderated chat forum for sharing good practices. The project supports the well-being of artists and the development of financial skills through peer learning and the sharing of practices.


In addition Yö ry also organizes other art workshops.

More information about the workshops and registration instructions can be found under "SCHEDULE".

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